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The GolfCatcher Driving Range

GolfCatcher (our sister company) at Christchurch Golf Club boasts the largest TrackMan 360 experience in the world. In order to use one of our 45 outdoor bays simply turn up at the club to pay and play. Balls are available for purchase at our sports bar – simply ask at the desk and get started.

The TrackMan range

The TrackMan app allows you to track your performance and your practice sessions. The software comes in practice and simulation mode which allows you to play on some of the most iconic courses in the world. Available on all major app stores to download you can install it on your phone ahead of time! If you require any help or advice with the app one of the members of our team would be happy to help. Simply call us on 01202 436436.

Prices for our Bournemouth Driving Range

Below is a list of the current rates for our driving range at Iford:


Indoor Golf Simulators

Up to four golfers can play in our indoor simulator bays, you will have the opportunity to play some of the world’s most famous courses in HD quality graphics. Our indoor simulator bays are the perfect way to perfect your game!

The Range at Christchurch Golf Club

Trackman Practice Mode

We have installed TrackMan equipment on all of our outdoor bays, they allow the golfer to track a range of statistics on an app when they are practicing, the TrackMan performance parameters include:

  • Launch Angle
  • Height
  • Carry
  • Total Side
  • From Pin
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Direction
  • Total

Can I Just Turn up to Pay and Play?

Yes, you simply turn up at the Sports bar in the Club and pay for your balls for the driving range there. If you require any help, or if it’s your first time you can call one of our helpful team on 01202 436436.

Got a Question about Our Driving Range?

Simply call us on 01202 436436 or enquire online using our contact form