Golf has become a popular sport for all ages and continues to expand its reach with a range of methods available to play. One of the most common systems that has been used this year are indoor golf simulators. With the latest technology, these systems allow users to practice a variety of skills on a course of their choice! But what are the benefits of indoor golf simulators?


Like most technology, it’s all about improving the user’s experience. Indoor golf simulators are extremely beneficial as they are built with advanced software that has the ability of tracking a user’s performance in real-time. These statistics include anything from the ball flight and distance to the quality of your swing. This will help you to later improve your handicap when you play on real courses!

There are a range of other benefits for indoor golf simulators including:

  • Practice All-Year-Round
  • Available for Home Use
  • Customisable
  • Perfect for Beginners

Practice All-Year-Round

As golf is a dominant outdoor sport, it can often be frustrating when the weather isn’t in your favour. This can prevent you from playing which could also affect your handicap as you will lose out on the opportunity to practice. Due to golf simulators being indoors, you will be able to practice your skills all-year-round, no matter what the weather is.

Available for Home Use

Here at GolfCatcher, we have some of the best indoor golf simulators available at our centre. Whether you want to improve your skills with our golf coaching or have booked a session with friends and want to play around with our facilities, the indoor golf simulators are perfect for both! Not only can you visit our centre to experience this state-of-the-art technology, but indoor golf simulators are also available to be purchased for home use. This is extremely beneficial as you will be able to practice at any time that suits you.


Some indoor golf simulators will also provide you with the ability to create a custom course. This is a great feature as you will be able to play on a course that is tailored to all your needs. Alternatively, you could also create a course that challenges your skills. This will not only help you to easily improve your skills, but is also the perfect way to prepare for real courses.

Perfect for Beginners

If you are a beginner to this sport, we understand that it can be quite intimidating to practice immediately on a real course. Not only will you have to learn the rules of the game, but you will also have to understand how to use all the equipment. Indoor golf simulators will allow you to gain experience without the need of learning all these things. Even though there is still no better way to properly improve your skills than to practice on a real course, using a golf simulator will help you to learn a lot more quickly.


At GolfCatcher, we offer several indoor golf course simulators at our centre in Bournemouth. Guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate golfing experience, why not book a place with us now. Just simply fill out our online form today!