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Do’s and Don’ts in Golf

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Are you a beginner in golf? If so, you will understand that the complexity of the sport can be quite daunting when starting out. That is why we have accumulated a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you out!


Do: Attend Professional Lessons

Don’t: Allow Family to Teach You from the Start

To further improve your skills, a great idea is to attend golf lessons. By working with a professional tutor, you will be able to learn the proper rules and tricks of the sport. Professional tutors will be able to teach you a range of important lessons that is appropriate and suited to your body, style and physique. Meaning that you will learn the best possible methods unique to you!

It is important to avoid allowing your friends and family to teach you the rules. Doing this will mean that you could potentially pick up bad habits and may not be able to properly learn the best practices of this complex sport. Unlike a professional tutor, your relatives will only be able to teach you methods that work best for their own physique. This means that you could be learning a technique that doesn’t necessarily work with your body, therefore impacting your performance and growth on the course.


Do: Use the Driving Range for Practice

Don’t: Train on the Golf Course when Starting Out

To start practicing your skills, it is important to regularly visit your local driving range. Most driving ranges are flexible to help golfers at all levels. This means that the facilities available will allow you to spend an extended amount of time perfecting your form before heading on the course.

Diving straight into the deep end by immediately playing on the golf course can be quite an intimidating experience. Golf courses are often used by experienced players which can make for a pretty intense environment if you are just starting to play golf. With lack of practice, going straight onto a course will limit the number of proper skills you would otherwise have more time to learn at a driving range.

In order to acclimatise to the game, you need to allow for time and repetition. A driving range is the perfect place for this, with most golf centres staying open for long hours throughout the day.

Golf Must Haves

Do: Buy Golf Clothing

Don’t: Invest in your Own Equipment Straight Away

Once you start playing on courses more regularly, you will understand the benefit of investing in high-quality golf clothing. Whatever time of the year it is, it is important to find garments that are not only lightweight and breathable, but flexible and can provide protection to all weather-types. This should include:

  • Golf gloves
  • Towel
  • Performance polo shirts
  • Breathable golf trousers
  • Waterproof fleece
  • Windproof jacket
  • Golf cap
  • Golf trainers

Check out our list for more details.

When it comes to buying your own equipment, it is important to make sure you are making solid contact with the golf ball every time you swing. If you are not yet doing this, it isn’t necessary to buy your own clubs and equipment. Most golf centres provide this at an affordable price so unless you wish to practice at home or in your spare time, it is not needed!

Golf Experience

Do: Play in Groups

Don’t: Give Up!

Golf is a social sport so it is welcomed to join groups, mingle with other teams and invite friends to play on the course. As long as you adhere to the basic golf etiquette, it’s all fun!

We all know that golf can be quite a tough sport but with plenty of practice, it can also be extremely rewarding! By remaining persistent and focusing on continuously practicing your form, you can be sure to receive satisfying results!