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Guide to your Golf Equipment

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Whether you are considering new golf equipment or want to learn more about the equipment you already own, at GolfCatcher in Bournemouth, we have put together a guide to your golf equipment for you on what to consider.

Golf Bags

  • Stand Bags – these bags allow you to stand them upright and pull out your clubs as and when you require them. The additional feature of the two legs to help stand your bag upright will also help prevent your bag from getting dirty.
  • Cart Bags – these are perfect for the use of trolleys and carts – a medium to large sized bag which is usually waterproof.
  • Travel Bags – designed to carry your golf bag whilst you travel. Simply placing your normal golf bag inside the large padded cover will help to protect your equipment when in transit.
  • Pencil Bags – these bags are extremely popular because of its lightweight and sizable qualities. They also have the ability of holding up to 14 clubs!

Golf Trolleys

  • Manual Golf Trolleys these trolleys are lighter and less expensive than alternative items. The 2-wheel manual trolley is designed to be pulled and the 3-wheel manual trolley is usually pushed. Although the 2-wheel trolley can be pulled along all types of surfaces, the 3-wheel push trolley is lighter, more stable and also comes with more accessories including brakes.
  • Electric Golf Trolleys – the electric golf trolley is used by many people as it helps to save energy whilst you are on the course by creating a much easier way of transporting your clubs. If you are considering purchasing an electric golf trolley, it is important to consider the battery power as most batteries will cover 1 to 2 rounds.

Golf Balls

  • Two-Piece Golf Ball – the solid core of a two-piece golf ball is typically a high-energy acrylate or resin and is covered by a tough, cut-proof blended cover that allows the two-piece ball to reach more distance than any other.
  • Three-Piece Golf Ball – these balls have either a layer of enhanced rubber or a liquid-produced layer with a moulded cover of durable Surlyn, Urethane, or Balata-like material. These are softer and provide more spin, which helps to offer golfers more control over their ball flight.
  • Four-Piece Golf Ball – Each layer in a four-piece ball has a specific and different purpose whilst also working together to offer the longest hitting. The first layer is solid rubber that offers distance especially from a driver. The next layer helps to transfer energy from the strike to the core. The middle cover adds an additional layer to the golf ball and is there to increase the driver distance. The outer cover is the thinnest layer and creates the feel of the ball with 300-400 dimples made from Urethane.

Clothing for Golf

  • Waterproofs – waterproof attire will ensure that you remain completely dry underneath your jacket and trousers. This means that you can play golf comfortably in all types of weather conditions.
  • Hat/Caps – come rain or shine, it is important to wear hats or caps to help protect yourself from various weather conditions, especially keeping you warm in the colder months. They can also act as a shade from the sun which allows you to see more clearly whilst you play.
  • Gloves for Golf – golf gloves can seriously help to improve your grip and performance whilst also keeping your hands warm through colder temperatures.