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How to Play Golf in Colder Months

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There are lots of ways in which, you, as a golfer can prepare to play golf in colder months. In this golf blog article we explore the different ways you can maintain your game during the winter season.

Preparation is Key

It is important to wear sensible clothing – waterproof golf shoes and golf gloves for example would help with the adverse condition on golf courses in the winter.

Warming Up is Essential

Warm up at the range when it’s cold this helps to prevent injuries from occurring. It can also be highly beneficial to stretch indoors prior to heading out on the course. It may take you a few attempts to hit the ball like you would in warmer weather as it will take you longer to loosen up.

Know Your Rules

You may not realise that in winter different rules can apply on the golf course so it may be worth researching which ones are common at your club.

  1. Casual Water – what to do when your ball falls into a puddle
  2. Preferred Lies or winter golf rules – enables you to place your ball, move it and clean it
  3. Embedded Ball Rule – allows you to get free relief when your ball is embedded due to the conditions

Indoor Practice

In the winter months you can benefit from using an indoor golf simulator. These simulators can have trackpad technology say like the TrackMan simulation technology we have here at GolfCatcher (an indoor golf centre in Bournemouth). Indoor golf simulators can have hundreds of courses included on them and you may even find your local golf course to play! If you would like to try out one of indoor simulators simply book a bay online today.

Take Golf Home

It is possible to install a golf simulator in your home or even have a putting green there too. If you have the space this may be worth considering. Here at GolfCatcher we can support you with the purchase of an indoor golf simulator or specialist Callaway clubs for you to use indoors.