Introduction to Good Golf Etiquette

Whether you are interested in learning how to play golf, or you are a senior golfer, it is always important to understand the many aspects of good golf etiquette. This classic sport has a number of important rules that you will be expected to adhere to when you play golf. 

At GolfCatcher, we provide a range of facilities and golf courses in Bournemouth. Because of this, we understand the importance of following good golf etiquette and have put together an introduction to ensure you know what to expect when playing golf. 

Be Punctual

It is important to show up on time, at least 10-15 minutes before your tee time. You should be with the whole group at this point to ensure that you all start efficiently. 

Don’t be too Slow 

Do your best to keep up with the pace of the group in front of you, faster groups behind you can always play through. Experienced golfers will be able to vouch for the frustration that comes with slow golfers. 

Repair the Ground you Play on 

Make sure to repair the ground you play on to how you would expect to receive it. You can do this by replacing your divots and raking any bunkers that you enter. This ensures that it is prepared for the next group. 

Turn off your Mobile Phone

Golf courses are considered a no cell phone zone. Because of this, it is important to put any of your devices on silent. Hearing a phone go off as you perform that all important swing, could be the reason for a poor result. Therefore, keeping phones off whilst you play can help to reduce the distraction of other players. 

Control your Temper

As frustrating as it can be when you don’t play as well, letting out anger can be quite uncomfortable for other golfers. Shouting, swearing and throwing clubs are not respected on any golf course so it is important to make sure you control your temper. 

Respect other Golfers 

When you are playing golf, you should always know where to stand and when to keep quiet. When a player is setting up for example, it is important to position yourself directly across or at a diagonal and never stand on the line of play. When a player is about to hit a shot, everyone should be quiet and respectful as not to distract. 

Dress Appropriately 

How you dress will always reflect your game. As many clubs are quite particular when it comes to their players appearance, it is important to dress appropriately when you play on any course. From the cleanliness of your shoes, to keeping your shirt tucked it, dressing professionally will show that you have respect for the course and players around you. 

Avoid the Green 

Whether you have been appointed to tend the flagstick, or you are moving your equipment to the next hole, it is crucial that you avoid transporting anything heavy across the green. This is because it could mark or damage the surface and may affect the performance of other golfers.  

If you are responsible for tending the flagstick and want to lay it down, make sure you lay it on the side and not on the course. If you are moving your bags, never walk across the green. Instead, you should walk along the side. 

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