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Just Launched: Bournemouth TrackMan Driving Range

The TrackMan range

The world’s largest TrackMan 360 experience is available now at Golf Catcher in Bournemouth! Not only will you be able to practice in one of our 45 outdoor driving range bays, but we also have 6 private teaching and 6 indoor golf course simulator bays available at our Bournemouth golf centre. All powered by TrackMan, you will be able to endure a once in a lifetime experience with us! Come and try some of the most accurate ground-breaking driving range technology on the market, simply turn up at the centre and begin playing.

Whether you choose to play with friends and family or come alone and work on your numbers, we guarantee that you will be able to take your game to the next level with this amazing software.

Suitable for the Golf Beginner & Golf Professionals

The driving range caters for all abilities and we have seasoned professionals at the centre who can advise you on how to use the range. If you are a season golf professional you are more than welcome to come and explore the latest in golf technology which can even help you gauge how far you have drawn or faded the ball. It also measure your speed and distance.

Practice Mode

Our TrackMan 360 solution in Bournemouth enables players to use an app on their device and review their impact and ball statistics in real-time! The performance parameters that are available on this application include all of the following:

  • Launch Angle
  • Height
  • Carry
  • Total Side
  • From Pin
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Direction
  • Total

With the ability to monitor your performance on so many different levels, it’s with no surprise that you would want to try out our facilities today. So, what are you waiting for? Hone your game, gap your distances and get course ready now!

Play Courses & Games at the Driving Range

Our range technology allows you to play some of the world’s most iconic courses as well as games to sharpen your golfing skills. This includes games such as Bull’s Eye and Capture The Flag.

Download the Free TrackMan App

Install the free TrackMan app to start recording your performance statistics when playing at our driving range powered by revolutionary technology. Allowing you to develop your skill across practice and playing sessions, keeping track of your progression over time. We advise for you to download the app prior to play and a set up is also available if you wish not to record your data.

Visit GolfCatcher for Bournemouth Golf

We are the south’s leading golf centre and can offer you some of the best facilities to really help improve your golfing performance. At the heart of Bournemouth and with state-of-the-art software available throughout, we guarantee to offer you an experience you will never forget! For more information on how to book, pop in to see us or give us a call on 01202 436436.

Find out more about our driving range , indoor golf simulators and golf lessons available online today!