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Tips on Keeping Fit for Golf

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Golf is a great form of exercise as it allows you to target and push all parts of your body throughout the game. To further enhance and maintain your physical performance however, it is important to practice various exercises in your own time. This allows you to improve the strength and power you put into each game.

This is an additional way to remain fit and healthy whilst also helping to improve your skills for the golf course. The best thing is you don’t even need to go to the gym to practice these exercises! As long as you have enough space, it is easy enough to do it in the comfort of your own home!

Here are a few exercise techniques that can help enhance your golfing performance:

Elevated Push Up

Elevated push-ups are performed to help strengthen the upper body. Push ups can usually be quite daunting but there are many variations of this exercise to help you move up in terms of difficulty.

To perform an elevated push-up, you will need a raised surface such as a bench or a box. To get in the correct position, place your hands on the surface gripping slightly so you have maximum control. You want your shoulders to be taut and your elbows to be relaxed at around 45 degrees. When you perform the exercise, make sure to stay controlled as you lower your body and complete the press up.

After you feel confident with this method, you can always challenge yourself with a surface that is lower, perhaps working on 3 steps, then 2, then finally the floor!

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps can be a fun exercise to challenge yourself and really enables you to target all parts of your body. Squat jumps also provide individuals with flexibility as it doesn’t necessarily make a difference how many you choose to do per session. This is because, it’s more about the technique in which you do it that matters most.

This exercise focuses on speed and force which is often something that people forget.

In order to perform a squat jump, you need to first start by standing straight before bending down to a quarter squat position. From this, you will then be ready to jump up, making sure to keep as straight as possible whilst aiming as high as you can! It is important to land in the same squat position to complete the exercise.

Depending on your ability, you can also choose whether to jump or keep it as a regular squat by keeping your feet on the ground.

Bear Sit Rotation

In order to improve your golf swing, you will need to be flexible in the rotation of your hips and upper body. This is where the bear sit rotation exercise becomes extremely useful.

Start by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and spread apart. You want your heels to be firmly on the ground and your upper body as straight as possible. Once you have achieved this position, start by slowly bringing your knees together, holding for a second or two and then releasing. You should be able to feel your hips move slightly as well as your inner thigh tightening. This helps to provide more flexibility into your hips whilst also strengthening your leg muscles.