A golf handicap is measured by a player’s ability to play golf. Handicaps allow everyone of all abilities, to compete against each other in a fair way. In order to receive a golf handicap, you must play at least three, 18-hole rounds of golf before submitting your performance to the golf club. This club must also be affiliated with a golf union in order to issue your handicap.

Especially for beginners, it can be difficult to find ways of improving your handicap. Here at Golf Catcher, we understand that this can take some time. That is why we have put together a few tips on how to lower your handicap in the best way!


Not only is it important to regularly visit different golf courses to improve your performance, but by practicing at local driving ranges, you will be able to practice various types of shots. To make sure you get the best out of this, we recommend focusing on areas around the driving range, pretending they are targets for you to hit. You could also assign certain parts of the range to be out-of-bounds areas such as water. Doing this will help you experience real-life play and help you to prepare for when you next practice on a real course.

As well as this, you should also practice on a putting green as chipping shots are most important with 50% of golf shots being made from 100 yards and in. You can do this by practicing at different distances, slopes and positions to ensure you improve your stroke for all types of scenarios. Combining these methods will help you get the most out of your training and further improve your handicap.


Attending golf lessons will help you receive guidance and advice from golfing professionals. They will also know how and where you need to improve, ensuring your entire performance is perfected. The more lessons you attend, the more you will be able to practice in a variety of ways and prepare for the course.

Here at GolfCatcher Academy, we offer quality golf lessons in Bournemouth. With our professionals on board, you can practice on the driving range or with our indoor golf simulators. Visit our centre for your local golf lessons today!

Alternatively, there are also a range of golf tuition courses and videos available online. This is an affordable way of helping to teach you everything you need to know about improving your swing at the comfort of your home.

Regularly Check your Equipment

Golf is a powerful sport which means that your equipment can quite easily get damaged through multiple use. This can affect your performance and will in turn, impact your handicap. In order to prevent this, you should regularly check the condition of your equipment and upgrade to new or higher quality clubs whenever necessary.

The Importance of Fitness

Although golf is a great method of exercise, you should still maintain other forms of fitness outside of this sport. By regularly walking, running or attending your local gym, you will be able to prepare for the intense physicality that comes with playing golf.

All Weather Conditions

Playing golf through all types of weather conditions will allow you to identify specific areas that need improving in your golf performance. Whether this be heat, wind or rain, you will know exactly what to do when it comes to longer shots and putting, ensuring to improve all aspects of your game.

Correct your Posture

Maintaining a good posture whilst playing golf must be one of the most important factors that influences your performance. Having a bad posture can cause you to lose distance, accuracy and consistency when it comes to your powerful shots. Here are a few tips on what the correct posture for golf is:

  • Stand up-right with your legs straight
  • Keep your arms relaxed and straight
  • Hold the club at waist height
  • Tilt forward from your hips, keeping your back as straight as possible until your club touches the ground
  • Most of your weight should be on the balls of your feet

As for the position of your feet, you should always keep them shoulder width apart for iron clubs and a little wider for wood clubs.

It is important to put yourself under pressure in a variety of different ways in order for you to achieve great results when it comes to improving your handicap. Why not put these methods to test when you next play golf!