Before joining a local golf club, it is important to consider what features and benefits you will receive once becoming a member. 

Here at GolfCatcher, we provide customers with great membership offers at our indoor golf academy. This option is perfect for people who are interested to learn how to play golf. But what can you expect when joining a golf club? 


The first thing you will need to find out before joining, is whether it is a private or semi-private club and what members-only facilities do they have. This is a huge factor as if you are joining a semi-private club, this could mean that the golf course and equipment receive greater wear and tear. It is also important to make sure if the club has member-only time slots or specific periods of the year that are reserved for members. 

Other features to consider before joining a golf club should be: 

  • What the first tee time of the day is 
  • The course condition all-year-round 
  • Opening and closing times 
  • The available practice facilities 
  • 18-hole or 9-hole golf courses 
  • Available competitions and tournaments 


The main factor that causes people to become members is the overall experience and enjoyment they receive when it comes to the centre’s facilities. If you make the most of these features and don’t get bored when playing on the course, joining the club would be the right decision for you. 

Practice Facilities

Most centres will provide an area where people can learn to play golf or simply practice their form. This could be anything from a driving range to a putting green and is usually free to access if you are a club member. This is a good sign as it shows that the golf centre focuses on helping and supporting their customers. 

Competitions and Tournaments

Competitions and tournaments are regularly played at golf centres and are a great opportunity for golfers to lower and improve their handicap. As a member, you will be able to easily enter these events throughout the year. 

Social Scene

Joining a golf club is great for socialising and meeting new people. With quiz nights and seasonal celebrations often arranged, most golf centres prioritise making sure their members receive the best social experience on and off the course. 

Other Benefits

Most clubs will also be a part of at least one reciprocal scheme with other clubs in the area. This means that, as a member, you could receive discounted prices when visiting other courses. 


Here at GolfCatcher, we offer a range of facilities at our Dorset golf course. Check out our membership offers today!